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The movie Lucy and how it portrayed the ability to use 100% of our brain was to me an incredible dose of inspiration to seek ways to increase the productivity of my brain. This organ is fascinating, training it to continuous development and committing to excellence is an interesting adventure. Supposedly, we use only 10% of the brain power. What would it be like if we increased its efficiency by only 1%? Miracles would happen.

Create reality

Our brain is designed to learn. Each brain has its neuroplasticity, or ability to adapt and respond to changing conditions. Each new situation, activity and challenge contributes to the development of our brain. As we know, we have two hemispheres, each having a completely different personality. Left – responsible for logic, speech and its understanding, writing, analytical thinking, the ability to recognize objects. While the right hemisphere is responsible for creativity, creation, artistic abilities, abstract thinking, and intuition. R. E. Ornstein, an American psychologist, goes a step further and calls the right hemisphere the eastern mysticism and the left one, the western rationalism.
The left hemisphere is the past and the future. The right is the space here and now. Thinking about the past or the future too much? More frequent visits to the right hemisphere would help us increase the awareness of the moment and enjoyment of the present.

The pigeonholes

We love to pigeonhole people and things, putting them in the drawers. It makes our life easier and is easy to use. Good – bad, introvert – extrovert, creative – analytical, sweet – bitter, etc. Even working in a widely understood marketing defines us through either – or. In marketing, if it is difficult to pigeonhole someone into creative or analytical because they have competences, we also have a pigeonhole for that, called account manager 🙂 Because how can you live without the pigeonholes? The truth is, in the most creative or analytical professions of the world, using only one hemisphere will prevent us from achieving a real mastery.
Same with the product brand or personal brand. A brand is one of the pigeonholes in our head, which we define based on our needs. It has a name, it is always one word. Our brain cannot handle more because there are plenty of pigeonholes there. Its name is a kind of mental shortcut which maximally curtails the deciding process about the purchase or relationships.


I believe that in order to build a strong brand, we should build it based on solutions coming from the right and the left hemisphere. Through the combination of the logical and analytical world with the world of creativity and art. Not only our left and right hemisphere, but also the corporate world (left hemisphere) with the world of agencies (right hemisphere), or the marketing sector (right hemisphere) with the sales department (left hemisphere), and so on.
The right and the left hemisphere is to me a metaphor of my work and myself, whom I want to share with you on this blog. On the one hand, logical and ordered, and on the other creative and imaginative. To some difficult to pigeonhole, so I guess I can often be put in the account pigeonhole. At this point, I salute all the managers, in particular those I work with every day 🙂

The right hemisphere, or a total trip-out

Seeking knowledge about the brain, I came across the TED Talk by Dr Jill Bolte Taylor. In 1996, she had a stroke and experienced the functioning of only the right hemisphere. She said that upon ‘losing’ the left hemisphere, she could study the brain from the inside, which enabled her to learn more during these couple of minutes than the entire career.
Fascinated with Dr Taylor’s speech, I decided to read her book, My Stroke of Insight. Now I understand better the need to develop both the right and left hemispheres and I try to visit the right one definitely more often 🙂
The quotation from the book which made an enormous impression on me and is to me the essence of the right hemisphere:
I really needed people to take responsibility for the kind of energy they brought me. We encouraged everyone to soften their brow, open their heart, and bring me their love.
I think the meaning behind this quote is what we all need most.


I believe that in life, we need balance, and the extremities are dangerous. I believe that cooperating with our brains in a way it can be used evenly can lead us to the mastery and happiness in many areas of our lives. It is a great art which is steering us to a conscious and fulfilled life. If you are certain that you do not possess any artistic talents or claim that you cannot handle simple things or activities because your life is a pure creation and spontaneity, you are completely wrong. This just means that you do not know the capabilities of your brain, and your right or left hemisphere is still undiscovered by you, or respond to a small extent. Isn’t it fascinating that we can learn, explore and discover ourselves throughout our lives, still exceeding the limits of our capabilities? Discovering yourself and the possibilities of your right and left hemispheres are precisely what I encourage you to do on my blog. I hope you will start this adventure with me 🙂

Małgorzata Lisowska

My name is Malgorzata Lisowska. I'm working as an Innovation Architect. I build innovation and brands, making the maximum use of the potential of the right and left hemispheres.

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