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The world is full of exceptional people. Like you or me 😉 But why only a few of them achieve great success Richard Branson, make profound changes Nelson Mandela, or make history Martin Luther King? Be the change you wish to see in the world, said Mahatma Gandhi. A beautiful thought. Why then – having the access to the same knowledge, means, and technology – do we differ so much in the effectiveness at making our dreams come true, achieving goals and generating changes even in small communities in which we function in.

Which group are you in?

The Gallup’s State of The Global Workplace report distinguishes three types of employees. The first one – engaged. They work with passion and enjoy the ride. It is a group of the most valuable employees which introduce innovations and develop them. There is about 13% of such employees.
The second group, making about 24%, consists of the actively disengaged employees. They undermine the achievements of the people engaged in work, busy showing their dissatisfaction with the work.
The biggest, 63% of all, are the not-engaged employees. They are characterized by the lack of energy and passion put in work waiting for the end of the day.
The head of the Gallup Institute, Jim Clifton, stated in the report: Right now, the world’s GDP is US$60 bln, and that figure will grow to US$200 bln in the next 30 years. (…) Competing for those customers will be the “World Cup” for world economic dominance. The winners will enjoy thriving economies and workplaces. The losers will face unrest and revolution. Countries that double the number of engaged employees in every company will be best positioned to win the lion’s share of the US$140 bln in new customers.
Do you think a report of product or service brands could look similar? How engaging is the brand you are building?


Simon Sinek says: People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. The goal is not to do business with everyone who needs what you have; the goal is to do business with people who believe what you believe.
I have to admit that when I first heard this idea, I said out loud: WOW! This is a really deep insight both for a personal brand as well as the product. Discovering that 100% of people know what they do, only some know how, and just a few know why is overwhelming. Strong brands start with the question why; the average with what. Simon thoroughly explains this is his TED speech using the Apple Co. example.
Think now that you are in the 13% of engaged employees and you know exactly what, how, and why you want to do. Besides, the product brand which you are building meets all the conditions. Gives wings better than RedBull, right? 🙂

Great by choice

To complete the picture of the creator of reality, it is best to use the description of the 10X leader which I got to know through the book Great by Choice by Jim Collins and Morten T. Hansen.
The 10X leaders are characterized by:
Fanatical discipline. The 10X leaders, also referred to as the tens, are tireless, maniacally monothematic and steadfast in endeavors. They exhibit a remarkable consistency of their actions – consistency with the values, objectives, performance standards and methods.
Empirical creativity. When facing uncertainty, the 10X leaders don’t look at others, don’t trust common opinions, authorities, or acquaintances. Above all, they build on empirical evidence. They rely on direct observations, practical experiments, and tangible proofs. Bold and creative decisions are made through strong empirical bases.
I really like the name and the description. To me, it is the essence of my blog, my first article about the competences of the right and left hemisphere, and myself 🙂
Productive paranoia. Dozens are characterized by increased vigilance, are always ready to answer the threats and changes in the environment, even when – or especially when – everything goes smoothly. They assume that the circumstances may turn against them, perhaps at the worst possible time. They direct their fears and concerns at the preparation, constructive action, and developing a plan B.
The 10X leaders are driven by ambition and passion associated with the case or organization which is the most vital. They are oriented to serve the purpose not pump the ego.
To what extent, do you think, your brand creates reality, and to what follows the others?

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My name is Malgorzata Lisowska. I'm working as an Innovation Architect. I build innovation and brands, making the maximum use of the potential of the right and left hemispheres.

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