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Human creativity is an important, if not the most important economic capital. Thanks to this, we keep on developing and going forward. Even if you do not generate change, which is the result of creativity, you follow it. Creativity is changing the world. Unfortunately, not always for the better, every stick always has two ends.

Measuring the creativity

When do we recognize that someone is or is not creative? Is having Apple computer or iPhone enough to be considered a creative person? Creativity is an unlimited resource which cannot be measured, evaluated during the end-of-year meeting. Innovation for me is a similarly abstract concept. Although I think it is a little easier to define. Maybe this is because in the recent years the word innovative and all its derivatives are very fashionable in the business world.

Originative = Creative = Innovative

The Polish language dictionary defines creativity as: capable of creating something new, original; originative, inventive; aimed at creating something new, original, e.g. a creative discussion, decision. From Latin creatus means originative.
As you know from the article on the brief, I like simple and concrete solutions. Therefore, between the three words I would put an equal sign: originative = creative = innovative. In my mind, they are in one pigeonhole. (More on pigeonholes in my first text). I believe that these words differ only in semantics. Our brain, in case of the product brand, service and personal brand, also puts an equal sign, namely: product brand = service brand = personal brand.


John Marwood Cleese, one of the members of Monty Python, said: Telling people how to become creative is easy, being creative is difficult.
This is the way it has always been and will be with unmeasurable topics, issues, questions. Likewise with art – who and what determines that it’s good? Also, with the text you are reading now. For one person it’s weak, for the other one – good. But what does it mean? Once I had understood this, I began to write. Because how else can you learn something if not by experiencing it? This doesn’t change the fact that first you have to just – start. Nobody has a monopoly on creativity. Saying that you are not creative, is just an excuse to do nothing in this field.
Saying that you are not creative is very nicely dispelled by Julia Cameron: The choice is quite simple – to rest on our laurels or start from scratch. A necessary condition for a sustained creative life is humility, thanks to which we keep on starting over. The characteristic of a creative career is the mentioned above willingness to be a beginner again.

Expand your creative energy

What can you do to develop the right hemisphere? Just visit it more often 🙂 Your creative energy can be stimulated in many ways. I’m writing about the two of them, but I encourage you to look for solutions that will be effective for you.


Creation is an excellent form of meditation and relaxation. The best solutions and ideas come to me in the making. One might therefore be tempted to conclude that creativity is a spiritual practice. Art for me has always been the only religion which I believed in.
Winston Churchill, who, as we know, was a brilliant strategist, loved to paint as much as to smoke cigars. His passion for painting began when he was already a well-known writer and politician, he was 41 years old. Today, his idyllic landscapes are valued at $ 500,000 or more. It is never too late to start.
You may also try painting, drawing or… coloring books for adults. Last Christmas I did some coloring with my mother and sister. After half an hour of concentration and coloring in silence, my mother said: My thoughts start to fall into place in my head. I answered: Your left brain is occupied with creation, and the right one has time to rest and find solutions. The girls agreed that they have to do it more often.


I know it’s a terrible cliché. I do not mean all-inclusive trips.
By travel, I mean interaction with another culture and people. Being among other social groups than those in which you operate every day, will allow you to see a completely different perspective. If you can’t go anywhere, you do not have to leave. Think about who may show you an entirely different point of view that will broaden your horizons. Sometimes, signing up for post-graduate studies unrelated to the industry which you work in will give you a fresh look. Or a brief conversation with people from other departments within the company has a potential to portray a completely different approach to the challenge. The intellectual journey can be just as interesting as the geographical one.
I have always been interested in Asia. I spent some time there, I go back there invariably willingly and admire this continent. Asians think differently from Europeans. Their process of reaching different solutions and decision-making often surprises me. I believe that we can learn a lot from them. This year I decided to get to know the business side of Asia and go to China to attend a course for entrepreneurs. I have my goals for the trip, but getting to know a different perspective and way of doing business interest me the most.
Journeys have given me an awful lot of inspiration. The fixed point of my trips is walking around the shops, looking at the products on the shelves, and watching adverts in TV, as long as there is a possibility. A wonderful mine of insights. Can I use this later? I do not know. It is difficult to assess. I still haven’t used all of my travel insights, I hope that one day I will put them into a larger whole. Van Gogh said: Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.

Creativity is everywhere

Another eminent painter Eugène Delacroix used to say: What moves those of genius, what inspires their work is not new ideas, but their obsession with the idea that what has already been said is still not enough. Remember that creativity does not occur only in the broadly defined marketing. The world is still waiting for solutions worth Edison, Bell or Michael Jackson 🙂
I wish you cultivate curiosity of your genius as long as possible, developing it through creative activities to the extent you are capable of. Stimulating creativity is a process that never ends. It can start at any stage of life. I believe that enhancing creativity results in productivity at work in direct and indirect way, and on the quality of life in particular.

Good luck 🙂
What are your ways of visiting the right hemisphere?

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My name is Malgorzata Lisowska. I'm working as an Innovation Architect. I build innovation and brands, making the maximum use of the potential of the right and left hemispheres.

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