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You don’t get rich writing science fiction. If you want to get rich, you start a religion – said L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of a non-profit religious organization, called Scientology. There are, according to various estimates, between 4.200 and 10.000 religious denominations in the world. Additionally, some experts estimate the existence of about 90 thousands of different sects. Each has its own philosophy and its own god or Energy or Source, etc. Each and every one of them also has its own logo.

A stipulated sign

In different sources, I searched for the answer to the question: who made up and accepted the cross as the logo of Christianity. I was also very interested in the premises in favor of the cross. On the website you may find: Every community separating itself from the other has the right to signs of identity, even if they are only stipulated signs. The Cross, however, is not a stipulated sign (…).
If anyone wants to deepen their knowledge on this, go to the article by Father Mateusz. There are some condensed arguments. Personally, I do not undertake a discussion with them.

Logo or logotype

The term logotype comes from the Greek. It is made of two words: logos – word, and typos – image. Simply put, the logotype is just a text representation of the name. Logo, on the other hand, consists of a graphic symbol and text (logotype). Don’t worry too much about the differences, though, as commonly these terms are not used in accordance with the relevant definition. What matters most is that everyone gets it, 😉
We create logos because we are only humans, and our brain more quickly and easily assimilates visualized information. Therefore, designing a logo, remember the golden rule of Coco Chanel – less is more. By nature, we are lazy, so giving the brain less information we actually remember more and faster. Logo makes it easier to remember the brand.
Thus, to create a logo or a logotype, which is stronger? Perhaps, there are some studies on this. However, my answer is: it depends 🙂 This is a very individual thing which should result from positioning. In general, what the brand offers, and to whom it is addressed. Logo is the brand’s identity presented in a graphical form. It does not change the fact that in order for our logo to be recognized, we need the precious time.

My very own history of the Christian logo

I have launched my right hemisphere and this is how I imagine the birth of one of the oldest logotypes of the world.
An agency come to God:
Agency: We have it! There will be drama and suffering. The Corpse of Jesus on the cross.
God: I don’t know. Strong. Why not fish? After all, equally strongly associated with Christianity. It has a joyful message of the resurrection, the victory of life over death… maybe we should go for joy. I also believe that fish is a safer option.
Agency: But we have to stand out! Other religions go for joy already. We will not stand out from Buddhism if we go for joy and awakening. Drama and suffering heated by fear will be selling well.
God: I don’t know. And how many souls do you want the success fee from?
Agency: Yes, in this case we have to accept the volume shares. We thought about…

And you, how do you imagine the rise of Christian logo?

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My name is Malgorzata Lisowska. I'm working as an Innovation Architect. I build innovation and brands, making the maximum use of the potential of the right and left hemispheres.

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