PROJECT bizneSztuka (art&business) – we build bridges. FROM INSIGHT TO IMPLEMENTATION

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PROJECT bizneSztuka (art&business) – we build bridges. FROM INSIGHT TO IMPLEMENTATION

In 2015, I defined myself as a bridge of communication between the world of art and business, the world of advertising agencies and corporations, sales and marketing, the right and left hemisphere. I invite you to read my first text on the blog, which will allow you a wider understanding of the following text.


Taking my first steps in working with artists, I saw how much the world of business and art can offer each other. How different perspective we have on many topics and what amazing things could arise if only these worlds … opened up towards each other without fear, anxiety, and contempt. After all, none of them is better than the other one and can give each other just as much.
With the cooperation of the art world and business by mutually offering ourselves, our knowledge and experience we can achieve much more. And I don’t mean selling art at all, this is a consequence of proximity and understanding of the seemingly different worlds. I’m talking about something much bigger, about admitting a different perspective. So that everyone can benefit, because this is what helps us grow faster. I believe that nothing develops us as well as looking carefully at ourselves and what we do from a new point of view. Different perspective of the representatives of the art and business are complementary.


Wanting to validate myself as an interpreter of the language of the art world and business I decided to create an educational program. I have experience in writing educational programs and in teaching. In 2012, for the first time I combined two worlds (agency and corporate), creating a postgraduate program brand architect – we teach to build strong brands. So it was natural for me to integrate the next two worlds through science. I believe that education is the key to everything; you just need to know how to use it. Hence I wrote a program that is the bridge of understanding between the two worlds. Project BizneSztuka (art&business) – we build bridges is a platform for development and communication for the representatives of the seemingly distant worlds. It can be very easily translated to the integration of other worlds, like medicine and business, technology and business, and so on. The applicability of the program in other areas I consider its huge asset.


This project would not have appeared without trust. Both on the part of the participants, who were signing up all by themselves and those who accepted my invitation to the project. BizneSztuka (art&business) – we build bridges program was and is such an innovative event, that many people I talked about it with, did not quite understand, what will the end result be like. They trusted me, believing that I know what I’m doing 🙂
Among the people I invited to this initiative, business representatives showed a much greater openness. That is also visible in the disproportion in the number of people carrying out the classes. I believe that with time, the art world will open up more to talk to the business world. Almost all speakers are listed on the project website in the art and business bookmark. All in all this is a team of 17 people.
While talking to the representatives of art, invited to the project, I often heard: Margaret, but the business world does not understand art as we (artists) do. Of course – I replied – just like an artist will never understand a business person working in this area since the beginning of his professional career. But is this a reason not to come closer to each other?
I suggest you reverse thinking. Here it’s not at all about understanding in exactly same way, or thinking the same way. It would be terribly boring. We are, after all, beautiful in our diversity. I believe that it is worth to get to know a different perspective, see something through the eyes of an artist or representative of business. None of these worlds is better or worse than the other one, they complement each other. As yin and yang, water and fire, the right and left hemisphere, as a woman from Venus and man from Mars 😉
The second group, giving their trust as a gift, are the participants of the project. 10 artists and 10 representatives of the business world at the age of 25 – 33 years old. There were many applications, which demonstrates openness, willingness to experience and come to know the two worlds. This is hugely encouraging. The participants knew only as much as they could read on the site. As they said themselves, they did not really imagine how will the project be carried out and what will the end result be like, but decided to try 🙂
However, I want to highlight the fact that there were much more applications from the business representatives than on the part of art. The cause I have already defined.


BizneSztuka (art&business) – we build bridges program also aims at launching mental changes. Yes, I know mental change occurs over several generations, but I decided to start this process. I wanted it to be a social project, completely free of charge for participants in order to show the natural need to connect these worlds. I was making appointments with companies and institutions, asking for money for this project. I did not get a single penny from anyone. All the finance I wanted to spend on tests for participants, which would have helped them significantly in their further development. That’s right. This project was created with no money at all. There was no funding or branding sponsors. Despite this, our project was 100% free and its only currency was: competence, support and trust.
The sponsor was Atelier Foundation, Teresa Starzec herself, who provided us some halls on Foksal 11. A fantastic website was designed by a befriended advertising agency. Sponsors were also all people who decided to give their private time at the weekend to share their knowledge and experience. My idea, implementation and knowledge in the field of branding. All of this is our little brick in the building of a better world. Which once again I want to thank everybody for!


Do you know what happens in Poland to colorful parrots that escape from home through the window, accidentally left open?
Have you ever thought about that?
They die. Pecked by grey and black birds.
That is what happens in Poland with colorful people. Unique, talented people who want more from life – I call them parrots, colorful birds or butterflies. Are you a grey or colorful bird? Do you peck others or are you being attacked? In Poland colorful birds are being attacked. Pervasive criticism makes them hide not to catch it in the neck again or constantly listen to the same questions like: what do you do that for?
They are afraid of criticism, a negative feedback. They do not know how to deal with it, which very often leads to situations that make them clam up or leave the country.
Joining groups or clans makes it much easier for them. It’s easier to defeat the grey birds and not get pecked in a group.
These are the Colorful Parrots I’ve made this program for.


In 2014, I was selected for the prestigious program Mentoring & Innovation Leadership Program for Polish Women Entrepreneurs, created by the American organization Vital Voices. Vital Voices was set up by Hillary Clinton and Madeleine Albright. The aim of Vital Voices is to support the development of outstanding young women with leadership skills potential, so that they can grow even faster and more beautiful. Well … it’s so American.
This two-week program has changed a lot in me. I always think and talk about it as a turning point in the course of my professional career. It gave me yet another important thing. The feeling that I’m among women such as myself who give me their genuine support.
I felt that I finally found my Colorful Parrots Clan. I still feel this way. It grows and becomes stronger.
Vital Voices has been my biggest inspiration for bizneSztuka -we build bridges initiative. It was particularly important for me that Vital Voices became a partner of the project. Thank you 🙂
Since 2007 I am related to another American organization – Toastmasters International, which educates speakers and leaders. Apart from the knowledge I received from people of this organization a lot of support, which has contributed a lot to my development. Being a Toastmaster is a reason of pride and gives me the sensation of belonging to the community of special people around the world. Well … it’s so American.
That’s why I wanted to create an educational product that would be 100% Polish, which would support the Colorful Parrots, so that they are able to fly even higher and more beautiful. In particular I wanted these wonderful birds to have the place, where they would come together in a clan to become stronger. This does not bear any shadow of nationalism. I only believe that as Poles we have already lived up to having our social educational product of this type and of premium positioning.
Each participant of the project, apart from the fact that he represented a different world, had also other needs, a different experience. They were at different stages of a professional career and at different points of their private life. How to meet the expectations of such a diverse group?
By giving them space to interact.
In the project I planned the time, when the participants were able to exchange views with each other, learn from each other, and get to know each other. They could let the knowledge acquired have space for verification along with personal needs. They showed a different perspective, learning each other’s worlds, helped each other in building their personal brand and setting directions for further development. They took full responsibility for themselves in the course of the program, not expecting solutions being handed to them on a plate from the leaders. They had space for themselves and other participants, during which, in my view, the most beautiful processes would occur. Watching the group from the side, I saw how fast they are getting close to each other. I listened to what topics of discussion they take up, what questions they ask. The opening process of the two worlds towards each other took place very quickly. The end result went far beyond my expectations.


Birds, colorful parrots are no exception as well, want to be free. Among the participants, especially artists, there was a concern that this educational program will attempt to format them. Soon they became convinced that they have the freedom and space of choice. Each participant took as much from the program as he was ready for emotionally and intellectually. It was only when they presented themselves at the end and talked about what they gained in this program, I saw how they made maximum use of this time. I saw how much they have learned over four weekends of intensive work on themselves. They took down many walls and stereotypes at the same time building their own, incredible self awareness, setting themselves new directions. Some people from the world of art accused me of the commercialization of art through the implementation of this project. I think that artists, who took part in it, refute these concerns. Commercialization and understanding the principles of the market are two completely different issues. From understanding prevailing rules of the market to commercialization is still a long way to go.


For some time now I tried to name the differences and similarities between the worlds of art and business. In my opinion, looking at these two worlds in a procedural way – there are no differences. They are governed by exactly the same rights. Yes, I am ruining the magic, which surrounds the world of art, by stating that it is governed by the same rights as business. I’m sorry if I bust Your more or less romantic vision of an artist. I will say even more, a less talented artist, but with the knowledge of principles of the market can achieve much more than a really talented one unaware of them. This is exactly the same as a manager. You know, after all, at least a few people in your previous or current company that have large gaps of competence but are high in the structures. This happens in every world.
There is only one and only difference between the worlds of art and business, but the FUNDAMENTAL one – art can be art without making money. Business without making money is not business. If an artist does not sell his work, it still remains art. If business does not sell its products or services, it won’t be business.
Andy Warhol said: Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art. This is again in relation to the commercialization of art.


We live in a world of interdependence. Nothing big arises on its own. As an African proverb goes: If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. I think that this is why the world of business and art need each other so much. Why do it separately, when we can do it together 😉
The project was a success. Two seemingly distant worlds were joined. At the end of the project participants gave an outstanding presentation of themselves, showing a clear vision of what they want to do next. In the final survey of the project they gave an extremely high assessment of it. The conclusions of the surveys for the entire project team bizneSztuka (art&business) – to change absolutely nothing, continue in exactly the same form 🙂 On Facebook you can read participants’ feedback. This is probably the best recommendation for those who still have doubts about whether to take part in the project next year. Application admittance will begin in November, 2016.
You’re welcome 🙂

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My name is Malgorzata Lisowska. I'm working as an Innovation Architect. I build innovation and brands, making the maximum use of the potential of the right and left hemispheres.

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